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naam-name: International Supreme Sweep


registratie nummer-register number: ISDS 180949


geslacht-Sex: reu-dog


fokker-breeder:J Taylor

eigenaar-owner:Bobby Henderson, Scotland



International Supreme 1998, Supreme runner-up 1996 

& Scottish National Driving Championship 1998.

At the 1998 International Championship Bobby Henderson and his 9-year-old Sweep won everything in sight. Score of 597. All four judges put him first.

Bobby Dalziel was a close second with Cap, and a score of 591, the judges' unanimous second.

Johnny Wilson and Rob were third with a score of 552.
John Templeton and Spot were fourth with 492.
Aled Owen and Bob broke the Scottish sweep with fifth at 452.



ISDS 180949International  Supreme Champion (1998)

  BILL ISDS 159925
Bobby Henderson

  CRAIG ISDS 121370-International Shepherd's 

Champion 1983 & Scottish 

driving Champion 1985/1988

Bob Henderson, Scotland

  SPOT ISDS 82060
G.A. Redpath, Midloth, Scotland

  MAID ISDS 52793
G.A. Redpath, Midloth, Scotland

  GAEL ISDS 112792
J Young

  MOSS ISDS 83837
A T Ainslie

  FLY ISDS 86251
A T Ainslie

  MIDGE ISDS 162829
J Taylor

  BEN ISDS 110810
G.A. Redpath, Midloth, Scotland

  BEN ISDS 56646-Scottish National Champion,

 International Shepherd & Shepherd Champion 1972

D. McTeir, Peebles, Scotland

  CHRIS ISDS 60920-Sired by Youngs' Scott the International

&  Scottish Shepherds champion 1969
W McKenzie

  BESS ISDS 119118
A MacDonald

  SPOT ISDS 82060
G.A. Redpath, Midloth, Scotland

  MEG ISDS 102026
sired by D McTeirs'Ben the Scottish National Champion, International Shepherd & Shepherd Champion 1972 A MacDonald