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naam-name: Akamai Fascination


registratie nummer-register number: KC ABO1235407

geboren-DOB: 16-01-2001

geslacht-Sex: reu-dog

kleur-Colour: zwart-wit/ B&W

heuptest-hips: 6:5

ogentest-eyes: vrij- free

fokker-breeder: Angela & Michael White

eigenaar-owner: Miss C. Dennett

nageslacht-offspring: ?


3 First place in Novice obedience

2 Second place in Class A.

1 Second place in class B.  (all before 2nd Birthday) +multiple other places in obedience.

2 Best puppy in breed.

1st place in P.Grad

(and multiple other places)

Oliver gained his GOLD utility certificate with the Midlands Border Collie Club at the age of 1year and 8months

  Oliver won his first A,  at Derby and District Open show. on 3 1/2 points. 



Tanamerye Kris Moss (Topper) BOB Winner

HS 5:4, DOB 30-01-94

KC U1127303U02,Owner Janet Mattews


Sire OB CH Charouska Kris Moss

6ccs K4131201K10, HS  6:4

Sire OB CH Morena Moss of maradonar 8ccs + BOB winner 

Sire OB CH Gerrard Gemmas Lad

20ccs -32 Res. ccs


Dam  Monza Lady of Morena OW

Dam Lassie of Charouska

ISDS 114487

Ben  ISDS 89295

Lassie ISDS 83155

Dam Bamboozle Folley


HS 7:11, ISDS  173122


Sire OB CH Canasta Replay kc J1541402J08, ISDS 14492

Runfold Garry ISDS 102317, BOB winner


OB. CH. Harberdown Kerry 4ccs ISDS 103046

Dam Joem Joani 2ccs

Kc J3573501J09, ISDS 146490


Ashfield Panda ISDS 97707

Dam Runfold gypsey of joem ISDS 120323

Moel Daz At Akamai


HS 5:6, Eyes 30-10-98 Unaffected, DOB 18-10-96

KC X0095714X03,

Owner Angela & Michael White



Sire  Bwlch Hemp

Miss Ceri Jones, ISDS 201604


Sire Ben,

A Owen

ISDS 129820

Rhaiadr Zac, ISDS  94341

Miss A Edwards


Fan                            ISDS 102412

R Williams

Dam Dell

Mrs B Jones ISDS 172782


Bwlch Taff                 ISDS 113243

Ceri Jones


ISDS 136053

Wal Prothero

Dam Dolwen Fan

Miss Ceri Jones,ISDS 201083


Sire Cap


ISDS 144844

Bwlch Taff 

ISDS 113243

Ceri Jones


ISDS 118569

S.N. Williams

Dam Dolwen Nan

Miss B.J.Hamer ISDS 163833



ISDS 131049


Bwlch Bethan

ISDS 131414

Miss B.J. Hamber